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Crystal Card with Amethyst Rose Quartz & Green Adventurine

Crystal Card with Amethyst Rose Quartz & Green Adventurine

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A perfect easily displayed gift idea for persons interested in the power and beauty of crystals.

"You Are Loved" keepsake featuring crystals that bring forth the powers of love, happiness, and protection. The front of the card has three unique crystals sitting on top of pretty mandalas to display their beauty. The back of the card has a description of the powers of each stone.

The crystals are mounted with a gummy adhesive and can be easily twisted off to remove them from the card. The pocket-sized stones are perfect for travel and are often used as worry stones to help ease anxiety.

The crystals in this set are known for their loving and protective energies.

Rose Quartz- happiness, love, and compassion.

Green Adventurine- abundance, luck, and confidence. Amethyst- Intuition, peace, and relaxation

Each stone measures 1.18 x 1 inch (30mm x 25mm) and is .27 inches (7mm) thick. The card is 5x7 inches and is sealed in a clear polybag for protection.

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