Sunshine Soy Wax Candle (Hibiscus  + Coconuts)

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Orange Blossom Cold Processed Soap

Natural Cold Process Soap

Natural Cold Process Soap

This process makes the most nourishing, gentlest, and healthiest cleanser for your skin. Check out our collection.

Pine and Eucalyptus Bath Salt


Bath Salts & Milk

Salt soaks and milk baths may help replenish lost moisture. Milk contains: 1. proteins 2. fat 3. vitamins 4. minerals 5. lactic acid The proteins and fat may help soften and soothe the skin.

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Whipped Sugar Scrub

Gently exfoliates skin, moisturizes and softens skin. Improves skin’s tone and texture.

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Spring Sample Candle Box

Spring Candles

Choose between our 2 boxes of spring scented 2 oz candles.

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Our Story

Our owner's journey began years ago as a Spa Owner and Licensed Esthetician, with a natural talent for bringing out the radiance in others, she dreamed of creating products that would enhance the beauty of her clients beyond the confines of her spa walls.

Driven by her passion, she delved into the world of natural ingredients, studying their properties and benefits. She experimented tirelessly, crafting lotions in her spare time, each formulation a labor of love and dedication. Inspired by the healing power of nature, she envisioned a line of skincare products that would embody purity and luxury.

As her reputation as an esthetician grew, so did the demand for her expertise and products. Clients marveled at the transformative effects of her treatments and clamored for a way to bring the spa experience into their homes. It was then that she realized the opportunity to expand her offerings beyond the confines of her spa.

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