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Christmas Sample Bundle Candles

$ 26.00

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This Christmas Sample Bundle includes all four 2 oz size of our Christmas Scented Soy Wax Candles.  

  1. Blissful - Winterberry. The essence of winter berries glows bright as red currants, juniper berries and holly berries glisten over a frosted pile of iced vetiver and pine, with a cloud of white musk floating overhead.
  2. Festive - Peppermint Sticks. Refreshing! Strong minty notes with herbaceous and fresh camphoraceous undertones.
  3. Joyful - Twigs & Berries. Forest cedars and red currant.
  4. Peaceful - Apples & Evergreen. Tart apples with seasonal evergreen. A wonderful fragrance for the holidays.
  • Phthalate/Nitro Musk Free Fragrance Oil.

Eco-friendly handmade candles from all natural soy wax, which results in a cleaner, long lasting, carbon neutral candle that supports our Canadian Farmers.