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Olive Squalane Lightweight Facial Oil

Olive Squalane Lightweight Facial Oil

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Olive Squalane - a clear, odorless, feather-light liquid renowned for its non-comedogenic properties, ensuring pores remain unclogged. Derived from olives, our Squalane boasts a rich antioxidant profile, safeguarding skin health, tone, texture, and elasticity while thwarting visible signs of aging.

Naturally present in our skin, squalene aids in rapid absorption and deep penetration, ensuring swift nourishment. Discover the transformative power of Olive Squalane, an exquisite emollient that not only softens and soothes but also elevates your skin's hydration levels to new heights.

This luxuriously silky oil delves deep into the dermis, forming a protective barrier against moisture loss while combatting free radicals that contribute to the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles.

Suitable for all skin types, this versatile oil is a breeze to incorporate into your skincare routine, particularly during cooler months. Use it as a serum both morning and night, layering it under your favorite face oil or moisturizer for enhanced hydration. Alternatively, revel in its nourishing benefits on its own.

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